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From innovation to predictability: this path makes it hard to follow BLACKMORE’S NIGHT even for the most staunch fan of Ritchie Blackmore. As pleasant as the guitarist’s endeavors with his singing muse Candice Night are, their latest works become increasingly generic, and “All Our Yesterdays” that is ready for September 18th release, looks very inauspicious. First of all, here’s a cheap looking covert artwork; and then, there’s a cover compositions choice. It was a safe bet that one day the troupe would take to “I Got You (Babe)” – if only because an intro to their 2001’s rendition of "The Times They Are A-Changin'" sounded just like the Sonny and Cher’s classic. And it’s only logical they latched onto Mike Oldfield’s perennial “Moonlight Shadow” – done previously by Annie Haslam from RENAISSANCE whose “Ocean Gypsy” was a gem on BLACKMORE’S NIGHT’s 1997 debut. The rest of the new pieces, folk tunes included, point to a regular fare – or fair.

Here’s the tracklist in full – here’s hoping the music is more interesting than it seems, what with “Will O’ The Wisp” which can be either a WEB OF WYRD or a Leon Russell song.

BLACKMORE'S NIGHT - All Our Yesterdays

All Our Yesterdays

1. All Our Yesterdays
2. Allan Yn n Fan
3. Darker Shade Of Black
4. Long Long Time
5. Moonlight Shadow
6. I Got You Babe
7. The Other Side
8. Queen’s Lament
9. Where Are We Going From Here
10. Will O’ The Wisp
11. Earth, Wind And Sky
12. Coming Home

June 30, 2015

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