BLESSID UNION OF SOULS – Live At Never On Sunday

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BLESSID UNION OF SOULS - Live At Never On Sunday

Live At Never On Sunday

Still going strong after quarter of a century in action, Cincinnati ensemble bring it on home to preserve for posterity.

“When I’m writing songs, what comes out comes out,” says Eliot Sloan in an interview on the DVD part of his band’s first live record, but, as this document of their 2014 concert proves, what comes out is even better when brought to stage. Starting with the intense throb of “Home” to anchor the show to the turf of their residence, the quintet deliver a highly emotional performance, and the crowd catches the vibe. The spectators jump and cheer for the infectious “Hey Leonardo” while Eliot ebulliently bounces in front of them – spiked by Brian Lovely’s guitar and sharing the soulfulness of “Oh Virginia” with everyone who likes to get rocked steady with “That’s The Girl That I’ve Been Telling You About” which Sloan acts rather than mere sings.

The vocalist reveals the provenance of “Brother My Brother” before launching its easy funk to the skies, yet he closes his eyes to look inside himself for “Standing At The Edge Of The Earth” that marries drama with hope and takes off from a pregnant pause in the middle. There’s a new, warm energy oozing out of “Sweet Providence” and the spiritual embrace on “Light In Your Eyes” that finds Sloan behind the piano, although when it comes to a simpler kind of delicacy, “Forever For Tonight” – with drummer Chris Arduser strumming a mandolin – pans out into a silky folky plea.

The band touch on most of their albums so the hit “I Believe” is but one of the fine moments on offer, whereas “Lucky To Be Here” links the journey the ensemble have been on for 25 years now to its very start is if to show there’s no slowing down yet. An uplifting document.


November 15, 2015

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