BLUE ÖYSTER CULT Chase Spectres With Ghostly Tales

With rumors abound about BLUE ÖYSTER CULT being reluctant to concoct a new album – as opposed to concert recordings, of which a few are forthcoming as follow-ups to "50th Anniversary Live - First Night" – the band come up with an interesting solution for their final chapter: a string of previously unissued cuts laid down between 1978 and 1983, during work on the ensemble’s classic platters and live rehearsals, plus a piece titled “If I Fell” that was done in 2016. While the latter didn’t need a lot of fresh studio wizardry, the rest had to be de-mixed to separate the various parts, and remixed to create a great listening experience and make four surviving members of the collective’s original line-up proud.

The disc will be released as “Ghost Stories” on April 12th, with its inaugural single “So Supernatural” – penned by Joe Bouchard for “Revölution By Night” but omitted from the 1983 offering – available for evaluation now: watch the video, created by the group’s current member Richie Castellano, below. Hopefully, it doesn’t put the end to the legendary career of evil, yet if it does there could be worse way to finish their decades-long run than to uncover a jar of gems, including the BÖC takes on THE ANIMALS, MC5 and, of course, perennials.

Ghost Stories

1. Late Night Street Fight
2. Cherry
3. So Supernatural
4. We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
5. Soul Jive
6. Gun
7. Shot In The Dark
8. The Only Thing
9. Kick Out The Jams
10. Money Machine
11. Don’t Come Running
12. If I Fell
13. Roadhouse Blues (Japan bonus track)

February 8, 2024

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