Bo Hansson’s Concert With FLÄSKET BRINNER Is Out

For all the respect paid to the great late Bo Hansson – whose “Music Inspired by Lord of the Rings” rose rather high in the UK charts in 1972 – even his Swedish Wikipedia doesn’t mention his stint, brief but significant, with Stockholm progressive rock ensemble FLÄSKET BRINNER. Even prior to the keyboard wizard’s joining this instrumental outfit as a live performer, his number “Bosses Låt” stood out on their 1971 debut – and it’s one of the pieces included in the band’s “Live At Pistolteatern 1972” album that was released just recently.

featuring Bo Hansson –
Live At Pistolteatern 1972

Bo came on board in late 1971, at the time when the group began rehearsing, with no payment required, at Stockholm’s “Pistolteatern” where they were supposed to play a few shows, also without pay, which they did – four times, one of those concert recorded and issued now. With Hansson, the collective took their improvisational ideas a few notches up. There are three cuts on this live gem which didn’t make it to the studio and didn’t land on the band’s second, and last, platter, being present here alongside the aforementioned “Bosses Låt” and “Tom Bombadil” from the ivories driver’s solo LP. Here’s a unique document of a long lost era to be of much interest not only to the Scandinavian scene connoiseurs.

1. Lothlórien
2. Utmarker
3. Tom Bombadil
4. Bosses Låt
5. La Paz

June 5, 2023

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