Bobby Keys’ Unissued Record Slated For Release

This coming December Bobby Keys should have been celebrating his 80th birthday, but, sadly, the legendary saxophonist passed away nine years ago, leaving behind a slew of classic records he contributed to – including platters by John Lennon, George Harrison and Ringo Starr as well as LYNYRD SKYNYRD and, of course, THE ROLLING STONES with whom the American reedman worked, on and off, both in studio and on stage for more than four decades – and a lone solo offering, a self-titled LP that appeared in 1972 to become a minor classic in its own right. However, December 1st will see the release of the great late musician’s second full-length effort.

It’s titled “Lover’s Rockin’: The Lost Album” and features, like its predecessor, mostly covers that Bobby was laying down for years, starting from the early ’80s, only to never put it out – despite the presence of Keith Richards and Ronnie Wood. And it took years for famous Jamaican producer Clive Hunt, who worked on the record, to unearth the tapes in his archives and finally pay his dues to Keys by issuing this gem on vinyl and CD. Its tracklisting seems to be a bit off, as “Suzie” is supposed to have dropped “Q” and “Johnny You Too Bad” to obtain “You” – yet this must not deter anyone from the actual music.

Lover’s Rockin’: The Lost Album

1. Suzie
2. Man In The Street
3. Dock Of The Bay
4. Honky Tonk
5. KC Song
6. 99½
7. Johnny You Too Bad
8. Lover’s Rockin’
9. Soul Serenade
10. Only The Strong

October 23, 2023

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