Bootsy Collins wants the crowd to give a funk

Bootsy Collins

As far as great bass players go, there’s only a few people to rival Bootsy Collins for his contribution to the four-string jive. Suffice to say, the veteran was an integral part of James Brown’s band and a P-FUNK family. Having delivered “Tha Funk Capital Of The World” two years ago, now the funkmeister is gearing up for “#IGiveAFunk,” a project encompassing a guest-ridden CD, tour and a DVD, and asks everybody to come along for the ride – for a fee.

Turning to Kickstarter for the crowdsourcing, Bootsy offers a string of perks to those who’d like to finance the project, with the contribution range between $1 and $10,000 and more, the latter bringing the sponsor an autographed Fender bass or Collins himself who’ll join your private party in the USA. The bassist cares for everyone and now it’s our turn to care for him – and if you pledge, mention this site, please. But enough saying it, listen to the Boots’ own words:

September 3, 2013

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