BRAM STOKER are back for another bite

“Heavy Rock Spectacular” is an album title close to the heart of a true prog aficionado. Out in 1972, this record by British band BRAM STOKER has become a cult classic – and even a name of a popular music blog – while remaining a lost gem and making many a fan wonder who were the players behind it. Now, though, the past tense turns to present, as the ensemble returned last year and prepared a new set of songs for release. “Cold Reading” is to be out on January 27th and features two original members, keyboard player Tony Bronsdon and Tony Lowe on guitar and bass, as another representative of their old line-up, bassist Jon Bavin, co-wrote two tracks, and singing drummer Will Hack joined the band’s ranks to round it off.

Two of the new cuts, “Fast Decay” and “Fingal’s Cave,” are fresh versions of “Heavy Rock Spectacular” compositions, but the rest are recent fruits of imagination.

BRAM STOKER - Cold Reading

BRAM STOKER – Cold Reading

1. Climbing The Gyroscope
2. Cold Reading
3. Fast Decay
4. Calling Me Home
5. Chasing Red
6. Joust
7. New Adventure
8. Like Autumn Now
9. Fingal’s Cave
10. Light At The End Of The Tunnel

You can read the review here. And here’s a promo video:

January 4, 2014

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