BRAND X Set The Record Straight

It’s been more than a year since Percy Jones and Robin Lumley announced the permanent retirement of the BRAND X name that the band’s management had tried to steal from the musicians after, if not before John Goodsall’s untimely passing. Not that the veterans succeeded in this struggle to stand their own ground; that’s why Lumley and Jones decided to set the record straight and tell the collective’s story from the point of view of those who were there.

In order to do so, the legends of British jazz rock opened a dedicated website where their followers can read about each of the ensemble’s members – core and session ones – as well as listen to rarities, including the recently uncovered recording of BRAND X’s first-ever session, documented in 1975, and, last but not least, read how the group’s name became a subject of hijacking to be used, without the players’ consent, across social media. In their words, “We have only this website: no Twitter account, no Facebook account, no Instagram account, and no YouTube account that says ‘official’.” Given that the legal situation is developing, the site should be the only source of information for the fans now.

December 18, 2022

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