BRAZEN ABBOT Celebrate 20th Anniversary

It’s been a few years since fans last heard of Nikolo Kotzev‘s BRAZEN ABBOT. Although ostensibly put on hold, the Bulgarian band celebrate their 20th anniversary this year, which is a great opportunity to release a CD/DVD combo simply titled “20 Years Of Brazen Abbot,” its audio part a collection of tracks from the ensemble’s five studio albums – including ones with guest singers such as Glenn Hughes and Joe Lynn Turner – and its video portion a recording of 2010’s concert in Plovdiv, with the latter vocalist at the front. Of course, there are covers alongside originals, yet the hard rock quality must be good throughout… But, at a later date, the legitimacy of the release became questionable.

A pity, there’s nothing on it from "Nostradamus" as it was Kotzev’s solo project, but players from EUROPE are there. And here’s a full running order of the discs:

BRAZEN ABBOT - 20 Years Of Brazen Abbot

20 Years Of Brazen Abbot


1. Intro
2. Beggars Lane
3. My Resurrection
4. Death Alley Driver
5. Bad Religion
6. Twist Of Fate
7. Highway Star
8. The Road To Hell
9. Stormbringer
10. Guilty As Sin
11. Draconia Fragments
12. One Life To Live
13. Spotlight Kid
14. Lazy
15. Burn


1. Eye Of The Storm
2. Mr. Earthman
3. Miracle
4. Badmadman
5. Nightmares
6. I’ll Be There For You
7. Line Of Fire
8. A Whole Lotta Woman
9. Love Is On Our Side
10. When November Reigns
11. Wings Of A Dream
12. Restless In Seattle
13. Godforsaken
14. The Whole World Is Crazy
15. Live And Learn

December 16, 2015

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