Brian Parrish Sheds A Light Into Shadows

Brian Parrish may be famous for his creative partnership with Paul Gurvitz – harking back to their work in THE LONDONERS in the ’60s and brought to the mass attention on their George Martin-produced eponymous album, out in 1971 – and for fronting BADGER on this collective’s concert debut, released three years later, yet this British guitarist didn’t have so much of an individual career. There was his solo platter “Love On My Mind” issued in 1976 and featuring the likes of Pete Wingfield as Parrish’s accompanists – as well 2007’s “Endgame” and “Traveller” which quietly entered the world in 2016, and that seemed to be all, but recently Brian added a fresh entry to his discography.

The veteran’s latest offering, titled “Shadowman” and comprised of nine originals and two covers that bookend it, is a wondrous piece of cinematic rock laid down over the course of three years in the company of a few friends, including the esteemed Blue Weaver who plays piano on the record’s opener. If Brian Parrish decided to stop at it, this album would be a robust rounding-off of his music life… yet hopefully, he will deliver more delights.


1. Moon River
2. What’s Good For You
3. Write Your Own Story
4. Small Voice
5. Run For Cover
6. Noir
7. Shadow Man
8. Casion Paradise
9. Dark Night Of The Soul
10. Taking Flight
11. God’s Children
12. Don’t Forget My Name
13. We’ll Meet Again

August 10, 2023

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