British Folk Rock Elite Bring “Bold Reynold” Back

2023’s "Bold Reynold" was a sensational folk-rock enterprise that could be considered a new milestone in the genre’s existence, yet for the project’s mastermind David Carroll, he of SPINNING WHEEL fame, the album was first and foremost an exhilarating excursion down memory lane of English traditional song. Aided and abetted by members of FAIRPORT CONVENTION and GRYPHON, the veteran curated and performed on a gripping array of familiar and forgotten tunes which, as a result, got a new lease on life and shone afresh. No wonder, then, there’s a follow-up in the pipeline, although it’s sort of surprising “Bold Reynold Too” comes as soon in the wake of the original volume.

However, “so soon” is not too soon for the artifact of such beauty.

“We’re very excited to release ‘Bold Reynold Too’ on the 12th of July,” says Carroll. “After the great reception the first album got and the fantastic reviews, the whole gang were very keen to follow it up sooner rather than later. I presented them with what I considered to be an interesting selection of songs, which fortunately fired everybody’s imagination. We explore several new avenues: we have a brass band – thank you, Brian! – on the opening track, plus we hint at the baroque with lute, harpsichord and violin on another, before getting a bit heavier and ending with one of Graeme’s blistering guitar solos. Oh – and we end with a five-part unaccompanied Sussex folk song. Something for everyone. A bit more folk, a bit more rock, and a fair few surprises!”

– Bold Reynold Too

1. The Battle Of Sowerby Bridge
2. Gweebarra Shore
3. Down Among The Dead Men
4. Johnnie Jump Up
5. Sheath And Knife
6. A Little Of One With T’other.
7. Slieve Gallion Braes
8. A Week Before Easter
9. McShane
10. Pace Egging Song
bonus tracks – CD & download:
11. The Keach In The Creel
12. Adieu, Sweet Lovely Nancy

May 8, 2024

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