BROKEN HOME set to return in 2014


They might have quit the stage after playing the Reading Festival in 1980 and had their first album produced by Matt Lange, but BROKEN HOME never got the status they deserved, although their two records are cherished by collectors. Having arisen from the ashes of MR. BIG – a UK band whose name was used later by Americans – the group led by singing guitarist Dicken and bassist Pete Crowther pursued a less adventurous direction without pandering to the demands to produce a hit to follow up their previous ensemble’s “Romeo.” Crowther and Dicken went their separate ways in 1981 only to get back now and work on a new album to be released on Angel Air in 2014.

Perhaps, it shouldn’t have been a huge surprise after MR. BIG put out "Bitter Streets" in 2011 but still BROKEN HOME make a very welcome return. More on that in forthcoming interview with Dicken, yet meanwhile he disclosed a possible title for their new album, “Imperfectly Good,” and some tentative songs to be included on a disc with 10 to 12 tracks on it. These are:

Dicken at work, 2013

Dicken at work, 2013

1. Perfect Equation
2. Rebel Children
3. Heart Of Stone
4. Flame Of Love
5. Tender Youth
6. Dreamed I

Keep your appetite whetted, then.

Update: the album was released in 2018 as "Fragments".

August 25, 2013

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