BRÖSELMASCHINE Take Their New Songs To The Stage

It speaks volumes of an old ensemble’s self-assuredness and their eagerness to go hand in hand with the times if the veterans dare to limit their concert performances solely to modern-day material. This is the case with BRÖSELMASCHINE, a German progressive band who started off in 1968 and disintegrated five years down the line to reform sporadically in the ’70s and return to life in 2005. It took the group another decade and a half before a new album came about to be followed quite soon by a fresh one; and it’s from these – 2017’s “Indian Camel” and 2019’s "Elegy" – that the set of their forthcoming live document is comprised of.

With three pieces, including a T.REX cover, from the former and seven out of eight which the latter consists of, there’s no place on “Live At Rockpalast” that will be out on August 15th on CD and vinyl (but, surprisingly, not on DVD, given the show got recorded – see below) to dispatch a report from the pavilion the collective graced on April 20th, 2021. A bold move befitting bold music they play, although having some of their classics would have been nice too.

Live At Rockpalast

1. Bliss
2. Elegy
3. Oriental Mind
4. I’d Rather Go Blind
5. Black Is Your Color
6. Indian Camel
7. Fall Into The Sky
8. Sole Ruler
9. Pajaro
10. Children Of The Revolution

July 27, 2023

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