Bruce Cockburn Reaches For The Skies On A Post-Pandemic Platter

Only a few years ago Bruce Cockburn didn’t feel like it was in him to write songs anymore, which was why the veteran’s 2019 release "Crowing Ignites" offered only instrumental numbers, yet recent times not only impacted everyone but has given this artist an impetus to weave words into melodies again. The result is a new album, poetically titled “O Sun O Moon” and planned to be out on May 12th.

The record is focused on spiritual matters, on Cockburn’s inner works – although he handles such material, external issues as climate change on “To Keep the World We Know” where Indigenous Canadian singer Susan Aglukark is singing in Inuktitut, and political affairs on “Orders” – so there’s a lot to delve into to uncover and enjoy on the album whose pieces see guests vocalists, including Shawn Colvin and Buddy Miller. The full tracklist looks like this:

O Sun O Moon

1. On A Roll
2. Orders
3. Push Come To Shove
4. Colin Went Down To The Water
5. Into The Now
6. Us All
7. To Keep The World We Know
8. King Of The Bolero
9. When The Spirit Walks In The Room
10. Haiku
11. O Sun By Day O Moon By Night
12. When You Arrive

March 10, 2023

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