Bruce Kulick Looks Back In Time

Most famous for his stint with KISS and currently a member of GRAND FUNK RAILROAD, Bruce Kulick‘s first band were KKB that the guitarist formed in New York in 1974 with singing bassist Mike Katz and drummer Guy Bois, the group’s name being the players names’ acronym. The trio made a recording but it only saw a limited edition release in 2008, yet five years later Katz dusted off the original tapes and managed to restore, remaster and remixed the six songs. More so, the veteran was inspired to write, together with Kulick, and cut, with him and Bois – though each was in a different geographical location – a new one, appropriately titled “Got To Get Back” and consigned to a single. Now, it leads off a CD of the same name where all the old pieces are to be found.

It’s a vintage power rock, heavy and proggy, while ballad someday is enhanced with a newly recorded string quartet. In Bruce’s words, “This music represents a time in my career that I feel helped define the potential of my guitar playing. It gives me chills to hear it. The interplay with Mike on bass and Guy on drums was expertly executed, filled with passion that defined our age.” Altogether, the result of it looks like this and is available via Kulick’s website in various formats:

KKB - Got To Get Back

Got To Get Back

1. Got To Get Back
2. I’ll Never Take You Back
3. My Baby
4. Someday
5. Trying To Find A Way
6. You Won’t Be There
7. You’ve Got A Hold On Me

May 31, 2015

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