Buffin Griffin Passes Away

Dale "Buffin" Griffin / Photo © Brian CookeIt was no secret that MOTT THE HOOPLE / MOTT drummer Dale Griffin, lovingly referred to as Buffin, has been seriously ill for the last few years. Diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, he couldn’t take part in the band’s 2013 dates but he fought bravely. Unfortunately, that’s the fight no one is able to win, and on January 17th Buffin passed away.

Without him, there would be no catchy groove to the likes of “Thunderbuck Ram” and Dale’s own “It Takes One To Know One” – or “All The Young Dudes” for that matter, for Dale Griffin was a soil and a backbeat-providing backbone of the groups he played with. Death couldn’t be his Santa Claus as Buffin passed away quietly, not the way he drummed. R.I.P.

January 18, 2016

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