BUZZCOCKS Revitalize Their Soul On A New Platter

It’s been quite a while since BUZZCOCKS last released new music. With founding member Pete Shelley untimely passing in 2018, the British rock veterans stuck to performing on-stage, solely fronted by his long-time sidekick Steve Diggle, but composing fresh material seemed to be off-limits for the Mancunians, and many a follower became convinced that 2014’s “The Way” would be the quartet’s last-ever offering. Still, the pandemic-related stay in London resulted in them composing eleven original pieces which will see the light of day on September 23rd – except for the lead-in single “Senses Out Of Control” which saw a limited release back in April.

It’s a typical for the group pop-punk platter full of melodic sneer and defiance, as signaled by “Everything Is Wrong” and a few other numbers, “Manchester Rain” a reflection of the collective’s gloomy past. Looks like a worthy continuation of their story.

Sonics In The Soul

1. Senses Out Of Control
2. Manchester Rain
3. You’ve Changed Everything Now
4. Bad Dreams
5. Nothingless World
6. Don’t Mess With My Brain
7. Just Got To Let It Go
8. Everything Is Wrong
9. Experimental Farm
10. Can You Hear Tomorrow
11. Venus Eyes


May 27, 2022

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