CACTUS Unearth The Tapes Of Debut Gig

Perhaps, not as influential as their predecessors VANILLA FUDGE whose rhythm section, Carmine Appice and Tim Bogert moved on to heavier pastures in 1969, CACTUS have always been a powerful unit, and the band’s latest album, "Tightrope" from 2021, is a testament to that. Yet there’s a new document has been unearthed recently, the recording of the classic quartet – in which the aforementioned groove masters were joined by vocalist Rusty Day and guitarist Jim McCarty – performing live for the very first time. Preserving for posterity the veterans’ concert in Philadelphia’s Temple University on May 16th, 1970, titled “The Birth Of Cactus 1970” and scheduled for the January 21st release, this stage report if of great historical value.

The Birth Of Cactus 1970

On that day, the foursome played a few numbers off their still to be issued debut LP as well as “One Way… Or Another” – the title track of their 1971 album – so there’s a lot to enjoy on what looks like this (read the review):

1. One Way… Or Another
2. Sweet Sixteen
3. No Need To Worry
4. Medley: Let Me Swim / Big Mama Boogie / Oleo
5. Feel So Good
6. Parchman Farm

January 11, 2022

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