CADAVERIA – Horror Metal

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CADAVERIA - Horror Metal

Horror Metal

They can’t be serious with a title like this and all the make-up? Thankfully, they’re not.

Five years passed since this Italian band delivered their third album. In the interim, they say, the band have been dropped by their label, but that didn’t diminish their charge into the black and even upped the quintet’s cinematic approach which manifests itself in the sparse spank of “Flowers In Fire”, blurred by speed riffing, and flashes in the crossfire until “Hypnotic Psychosis” signs off. What shakes the focus all too often is a hysterical growl accompanying Cadaveria’s sharp vocals, cuts like “The Night’s Theatre” raging for the sake of it and saved only by a piano and folk thread.

The acoustic bit in “The Oracle (Of The Fog)” shows the group’s potential outside their chosen genre, yet when the SABBATH influence is worn on the sleeve, like in the quote-heavy “Apocalypse” or “Whispers Of Sin”, where two guitars run amok, a certain solidity looms large as does slight humor. Only slight but anyway… The overall impression is of a severe self-restriction style-wise. Time to wise up, then.


July 4, 2013

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