Carmine Appice And Dean Parrish Explore Their Soul

Those who ever wondered how such heavy drummer as Carmine Appice could co-wrote and play on a disco-driven “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy” completely missed the point – not only the humorous one but also that this artist came from an essentially soul background, and not for nothing VANILLA FUDGE’s first hit was a cover of “You Keep Me Hanging On.” That’s why Carmine’s latest move should come as no surprise, as this time Appice teamed up with a soul veteran Dean Parrish, whose “I’m On My Way” was big in 1967, the year the FUDGE sent the aforementioned Motown classic up the charts.

The two¬†started working together more than a decade ago, when Randy Pratt, the drummer’s sidekick in CACTUS, introduced the veterans to each other, and finally came up with an EP “Northern Soul: I’m On My Way” which features a new go at Parrish’s evergreen alongside its original version and the duo’s takes on rhythm-and-blues perennials.


Northern Soul: I’m On My Way

An interesting pairing, the results of this combination should be interesting.

1. Love’s Whatcha Cooking
2. I’m On My Way
3. Girl
4. Lonely
5. Fever
6. I’m On My Way (classic mix)
7. I’m On My Way¬†(instrumental)

August 26, 2015

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