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7 Most Influential Sax Musicians Of All Time | Sax School Online

November 21, 2022

These saxophone players have had a major impact on the music world. Find out who they are and why they’re so famous and influential. The guitar may be the main instrument in rock and roll, but the saxophone is a … Continue reading

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Rock music is alive in Vietnam

September 5, 2022

In 1990, Rock began to become famous in Vietnam; however, in 2000, it had much more popularity among young people. In this article, we will tell you about this musical genre's process in Vietnam, its growth, and its impact on … Continue reading

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Lemmy: Starring In Video Games Since 1992

May 28, 2021

If you think classic rock and video games don’t go well together, you are mistaken. Rock legends – or better said, their digital avatars – have routinely shown up on the computer screens since the early days (some would say … Continue reading

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If Sports Superstars Were Music Genres…

April 20, 2021

Sports and music. The two are like peanut butter and jelly. Many athletes turn to music to help them prepare, relax, or find inspiration. Likewise, many musicians have become engrossed with the superstars of their favorite sports. Both sports and … Continue reading

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Guns N’ Roses unveil fascinating new YouTube series

June 19, 2020

Although rock legends Guns N’ Roses were forced to scrap plans for a major tour this summer, fans of this iconic band are being treated to an exciting new YouTube series in its place. Instead of this summer’s sold-out shows, … Continue reading

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