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Stephen Shaiken: Queensborough Rock

April 16, 2023

Crosswinds Press 2022 A fictionary – meaning cautionary, if fictional – tale about a perilous path of a stubborn music manager who wants to luck out against all odds. But will he? It doesn’t require a professional to assume that … Continue reading

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Philippe Margotin: Pop Rock Icons

January 21, 2023

Aurora Metro 2022 Subtitled “London’s Swingin’ 60s & 70s” and reflecting cultural changes through the prism of music, here’s a volume which goes to 11 and is all the better for it. People approaching this tome may be tempted to … Continue reading

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David Libert: Rock And Roll Warrior

December 22, 2022

Sunset Blvd 2022 Facilitator to the stars details his existence on the road, in the air and behind the bars to bare the music business’ fascinating underbelly. That David Libert used to live rock ‘n’ roll life to the fullest … Continue reading

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Rock’s Diamond Year

June 19, 2022

Supernova Books 2022 Subtitled “Celebrating London’s Music Heritage” and covering the city’s fruitful clubland, a smattering of essays traces the roots of a scene that spread all over the world. There may not be many ways to define the onset … Continue reading

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Don Henze: Roger Daltrey And The Bright Shiny Object

March 18, 2022

Don Henze 2022 Looking behind blue eyes to see his own reflection, New York rocker embarks on a journey of self-discovery and stardom that never happened. “I smelled the smell of burnt popcorn in dreamland”: the final sentence of this … Continue reading

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