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BILL BRUFORD – Making A Song And Dance

May 25, 2022

BMG 2022 Subtitled “A Complete-Career Collection” and scanning his multifaceted adventures in rhythm, comprehensive box set touches on legendary beatmaker’s musical story. It’s difficult to deny the magic of the “BB” abbreviation. Bill Bruford’s status in the world of percussion … Continue reading

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BIG PAUL FERGUSON – Remote Viewing – Reboot

May 19, 2022

Dead Radio Station 2018 / Cleopatra 2022 Setting killing jokes aside, English drummer plummets into his personal nightmare and looks at his fear from unsafe distance. “There’s no art to find the mind’s construction in the face”: these words from … Continue reading

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TONY HAZZARD – Demonstration

May 15, 2022

Rev-Ola 1969 / Liberation Hall 2022 Writer for the stars goes back to the source to find the blueprints for chart action. It didn’t take this Liverpudlian, who had landed in London in the mid-’60s, a long time to turn … Continue reading

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THE TROGGS – The Trogg Tapes

May 5, 2022

Penny Farthing 1976 / Liberation Hall 2022 Reining in their wildness in favor of sequined sonic assault, Andover veterans ride a glam-rock swan with impressive results. With their rough-hewn sentiment – etched into eternity on such classics as “Wild Thing” … Continue reading

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POCO – One Night In Nashville

March 31, 2022

Madacy 2004 / Purple Pyramid 2022 Also known as “Keeping The Legend Alive” and doing just that, a document of country-rock royalty’s very special show where founding members got together one more time. By May 20, 2004, when this concert … Continue reading

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