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December 3, 2023

Baby Ranch 2023 A quarter-century into his solo endeavors, renowned Buckeye locates the future-in-the-past tense at the end of the rainbow and colors the horizon ever brighter. For all its infectious cynicism, Rob Fetters’ 2020 album bored into the listener’s … Continue reading

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DAVID KOLLAR – Where Are They​.​.​.​? And Other Stories

December 1, 2023

Blue Lizard 2023 Purveyor of mind-boggling soundscapes streams his consciousness down memory lane. Given David Kollar’s work rate, one would assume any new album might come easily to him, yet what follows in the wake of 2022’s – the Slovakian … Continue reading

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SAND PEBBLES – The Antagonist

November 29, 2023

Career 2023 The magnificent seventh: members of Melbourne’s psych institution fully embrace album thinking – and split sides in a literal fashion. A score of years into their career, the brainchild of a popular Australian soap opera screenwriters carries on … Continue reading

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November 27, 2023

Melodic Revolution 2023 Celebrating their 30th anniversary, Molise ensemble serve up a blistering, if enchanting, comment on recent global griefs. A lot of water went under the proverbial bridge since this Italian collective delivered which seemed to indeed reset their … Continue reading

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ERIK DAHL ENSEMBLE – Everyone’s Too Sad For Everything

November 25, 2023

Svalka 2023 Scandinavian masters of minimalistic storms delve into the strange sadness of the pandemic period. Aside from its celebrated pop music, Sweden left an indelible mark on the global music through death metal, so there’s no surprise in the … Continue reading

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