Chaz Jankel Goes With The Flow

Best known for his work with THE BLOCKHEADS – and co-penning such perennials as “Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll” – whom he still leads, Chaz Jankel has quite a few solo albums to his name, platters for which the English guitarist wrote no less outstanding numbers, including “Ai No Corrida” that was covered by, among others, Quincy Jones – a fact speaking volumes for its composer’s talent. But while Jankel’s pieces used to ride high in the charts back in the day, “Glad To Know You” and “Number One” topping hit-parades in various countries, his popularity lost a bit of its impact over time – and still connoisseurs cherish every record Chaz issued.

Problem is, the veteran’s last release happened in 2010 – yet, fortunately, May 19th will see a follow-up to “The Submarine Has Surfaced” emerge, titled “Flow” and featuring guest singers. DME asked Mr. Jankel about this alluring opus, and that’s what Chaz had to say:

“For the last ten years or so I would just post singles many, with videos on YouTube, but I had a lightbulb moment when I asked myself, “What did we do in the old days?” We made albums! So I compiled a selection of my most recent material, and I thought: now I have an album. But at the last moment I came up with the composition “Bodies Without A Soul” which expressed how I feel lyrically and musically. I love a strong riff, and only after I’d recorded this, did I genuinely feel excited about this collection of music… And my life continues. I still perform with THE BLOCKHEADS all over the UK, and I’m busy with two other album collaborations as we speak.

This is an extremely prolific period in my life. I read an amazing book last year that helped me stay in the flow – and in fact, the book was called “Flow”! Everyone who sometimes stalls and wonders what their purpose is in life should read this book. It was a life changer for me.”


1. Water
2. Key To Life
3. Believing
4. On This Beautiful Day
5. Bodies Without A Soul
6. Dreamtime
7. As Far As I Can See
8. Deep Water
9. Meet Me In The Middle (feat. Melody Palmer)
10. Time Shows The Way (feat. Andy Caine)
11. Mitts Blues
12. Move Into The Light
13. Turn It Around (TT)

June 9, 2023

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