Chip Taylor Rocks The Cradle One More Time

Chip Taylor‘s name may not ring a bell for everyone, but a few of the many songs he wrote – at least “Wild Thing” and “Any Way That You Want Me” – surely should be familiar to many a music listener. There’s no stopping the legendary artist, even at 82 years of age and even with a recently diagnosed throat cancer that made him postpone a 2023 European jaunt. And why will he stop if “Fuck All The Perfect People” from his 2012 album of the same title went viral and, after its use in the “Sex Education” show on Netflix, crossed a 10-million stream mark, while its video reaped more than 6 million views on YouTube?

The pandemic didn’t slow Taylor down either – Chip issued no less than four platters during that period – and March 31st will the release of a new record: a double album titled “The Cradle Of All Living Things” and spanning the whopping 27 pieces that are said to be both epic and intimate. A cursory glance at the tracklisting reveals a vague concept, so it promises to be a gripping journey.

The Cradle Of All Living Things

Disc 1:
1. The Cradle Of All Living Things
2. Animals On The Beach
3. True Love
4. Spoken Intro To Anthony
5. Anthony
6. How Come That Always Happens
7. It Is Written
8. Even Money
9. Sofia
10. On Reflection
11. Twenty Years Ago
12. Oh It Feels Kinda Different
13. Talking Outside Yourself
14. The Good And The Bad
15. Closing Time

Disc 2:
16. Lost Pictures
17. I Don’t Know Which Song I’ll Sing Tonight
18. Give Her Away Johnny
19. Only A Song
20. So Selfishly Loved
21. What I Like About The Sky
22. Planetary Scheme
23. One More Dream To Go
24. I Don’t Know Much
25. Do You Feel Ok
26. Someone To Live For
27. Wounded Bird
28. Why Didn’t I Think Of That Before

March 14, 2023

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