Chris Jagger Issues New Album Featuring Big Brother

If you can’t talk about Chris Jagger without mentioning his older sibling, that means you don’t know Chris’ records which offer an inebriating mix of blues, folk and pub rock, yet you’re finally allowed to bring up Mick – who quietly graced his brother’s albums from the very beginning, from his 1973 eponymous debut – now, when the junior Jagger’s “Mixing Up The Medicine” is out. Comprised of the tracks he co-penned with longtime friend, pianist Charlie Hart, and featuring such luminaries as Dylan Howe on drums, the venerable Neil Hubbard on guitar, and Mick.

Mick is helping Chris voice opener “Anyone Seen My Heart?”: one of three pieces the latter based to poems by Thomas Beddoes, early 19th century writer and physician. Still, it’s a good-vibe album that has a lot of funny cuts – and serious ones, too, including the very fitting “Hey Brother” blues.

Mixing Up The Medicine

1. Anyone Seen My Heart?
2. Merry Go Round
3. Love’s Around the Corner
4. Talking To Myself
5. Happy As A Lamb
6. A Love Like This
7. Loves’ Horn
8. Wee Wee Tailor
9. Hey Brother
10. Too Many Cockerels

September 23, 2021

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