Chris Squire Passes Away

Chris during our interview

Chris during our interview

Chris Squire, a big – and a big-hearted – man and a linchpin of YES, has died. A little more than a month ago  the veteran informed the world of his illness and he seemed determined to win this battle and carry on, but it was too late. We’ve seen that band without any of its members yet never without Chris, because Squire was YES and YES were Squire. That’s why he never cared about a solo career – his innovative approach and bright melodicism lay with YES.

A player who showed that virtuosity doesn’t exclude athletic muscularity of performance and, thus, influenced a lot of bassists, from prog rock to heavy metal, Chris at the same time was a gentle soul, and during our only interview we talked not only about music but also the kids, and I was so moved to have received birthday messages from Squire and his wife Scotty. They were so happy, and happiness, as he said to me, was “not always achievable – you know, sometimes music can be difficult and can strain relationships – but it can also bring people closer together. “ That was what he did, and that’s why his passing feels so personal. Rest In Peace, Chris.

June 29, 2015

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