Claire Hamill Reaches Into Her Pocket For Affairs Of The Heart

Far from being an obscure songstress, Claire Hamill stays away from the spotlight her talents deserve. A signee of Island Records in the early ’70s, the English artist’s first platters – produced by Chris Blackwell, Paul Samwell-Smith and Ray Davies – retain their depth and charm even today, five decades down the line, and not because the lady’s accompanists included the likes of John Martyn, Alan White, Gary Numan and Paul Buckmaster but because her voice and writing manner remain alluring. And her voice, too – which made Claire a great addition to WISHBONE ASH two of whose LPs, including “Just Testing” from 1980, bear her handprint as vocalist and composer, and that’s the prominent qualities of Hamill’s new offering.

Titled “A Pocket Full Of Love Songs” and available now via the musician’s Bandcamp page, this album is comprised of eleven pieces – all penned by Claire, save for “You Came Through Time” that she co-authored with country singer Hayley McKay – which explore various aspects of affection, meaning it’s captivating. Read the reiew.

A Pocket Full Of Love Songs

1. Aphrodite Obscured
2. You Came Through Time
3. This Duet
4. I Got My Mojo Back
5. Turning My Back On Love
6. A Pocket Full Of Love Songs
7. I’ll Wait For Winter
8. Go With The Flow
9. Who Cares? (It Feels So Good!)
10. This Woman Is A Mess
11. Springtime For Lovers

April 25, 2022

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