Classic ATOMIC ROOSTER To Be Caught In A Box

These pages don’t usually have space for simple reissue, but when it comes to comprehensiveness, “Sleeping For Years – The Studio Recordings 1970-1974” – a 4-disc box set from ATOMIC ROOSTER that is scheduled for a December 1st release on Esoteric – is surely worth not only of mentioning but also of owning. It spans the band’s classic period, when Vincent Crane’s collective boasted of unique talents, listing John Cann, Carl Palmer, Chris Farlowe, Peter French, Steve Bolton and Ric Parnell among its members.

Spread across the CDs are five albums which were notched during that period, as well non-LP cuts and tracks from non-UK versions of those records, all in all 55 numbers: everything that the ensemble laid down in five years. A great collection. A pity it doesn’t include the group’s early ’80s second coming, with such luminaries as David Gilmour and ex-GILLAN Bernie Torme and John McCoy passing through the ranks, but perhaps this era will be covered later.

The box’s full breakdown looks like this (read the review):

ATOMIC ROOSTER - Sleeping For Years

Sleeping For Years

Disc One:
“Atomic Roooster” (1970)
1. Friday 13th
2. And So To Bed
3. Winter
4. Decline And Fall
5. Banstead
6. S.L.Y.
7. Broken Wings
8. Before Tomorrow
9. Friday 13th (US version)
10. S.L.Y. (US version)
11. Before Tomorrow (US version)
12. VUG (1970 demo with Carl Palmer)
13. Devil’s Answer (1970 demo)
14. Tomorrow Night (1971 single version)

Disc Two:
“Death Walks Behind You” (1970)
1. Death Walks Behind You
2. VUG
3. Tomorrow Night
4. Seven Streets
5. Sleeping For Years
6. I Can’t Take No More
7. Nobody Else
8. Gerschatzer
9. Play The Game (1971 B-side)
10. Devil’s Answer (1971 single version)
“In Hearing Of Atomic Rooster” (1971)
11. Breakthrough
12. Break The Ice
13. Decision / Indecision
14. A Spoonful Of Bromide Helps The Pulse Rate Go Down

Disc Three:
“In Hearing Of Atomic Rooster” (1971)
1. Black Snake
2. Head In The Sky
3. The Rock
4. The Price
5. Devil’s Answer (Pete French on vocals – from US version of “In Hearing…”)
“Made In England” (1972)
6. Time Take My Life
7. Stand By Me
8. Little Bit Of Inner Air
9. Don’t Know What Went Wrong
10. Never To Lose
11. Introduction / Breathless
12. Space Cowboy
13. People You Can’t Trust
14. All In Satan’s Name
15. Close Your Eyes

Disc Four:
“Nice N’ Greasy” (1973)
1. All Across The Country
2. Save Me
3. Voodoo In You
4. Goodbye Planet Earth
5. Take One Toke
6. Can’t Find A Reason
7. Ear In The Snow
8. Satan’s Wheel
9. What You Gonna Do? (from US version of “Nice N’ Greasy”)
10. Moods (from German version of “Nice N’ Greasy”)
11. Tell Your Story (Sing Your Song) (1974 single)
12. O.D. (1974 B-side)

September 25, 2017

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