Classical Instruments That Invade the Rock Music Industry

In the 1950s, artists aimed to innovate the traditional music that was common in the past. They played around with traditional composition and instrumental techniques. As a result of experimentation with unorthodox musical instruments, rock and alternative music were born. With that, the incorporation of instruments that were once used for classical or folk music were incorporated in music that sounded anything but! Here are a few instruments that made their mark in the rock industry.


The violin, until this day, is a popular member of symphonies and orchestras. However, as a result of the experimentation of classical instruments, the violin became a big part of the evolution of rock. Rock figures like Velvet Underground, Pink Floyd, and Frank Zappra incorporated the violin into their music and put their own twist into the sounds produced by such. Consequently, more artists and violinists emerged into the scene of rock which then popularized the instrument in this genre.


The organ, which was originally seen as instruments for religious gatherings, diversified in the 1970s during the era of jazz. Such was evolved into its electrical counterpart and the usage of which carried on to the emergence of rock. Due to its heavy and rich tones, the electric organ was fitting for the alternative aura that rock music tries to achieve. Famous rock artists who played the organ include Billy Preston, Vincent Crane, and Bill Doggett!


The piano is one of the most versatile instruments and has been used in countless genres. It’s ability to encompass many tones and “vibes” has made this classical instrument a top tier choice for rock icons like Elton John, Stevie Wonder, Chris Martin, and Ray Charles! Oftentimes, the piano is also a great instrument for solo rock performances.

Bass Guitar

The guitar, an instrument that has been around for thousands of years, was developed into an electric bass version that produced low pitches. The electric bass became popular in the 1950s when artists were forming new genres and a household instrument for almost any type of band. With that, the bass was a key instrument in rock groups and some of the most talented musicians in the world chose to play it. Amongst famous rock artists that specializes in the bass guitar are Paul McCartney, Chris Squire, and Jimi Hendrix.

Because of the experimentation of rock artists, these classical instruments were able to incorporate themselves in more genres. Moreover, their functions and versions were developed which allowed these instruments to thrive in the modern world of music. In the end, these instruments are truly classics and musicians in the years to come will always come back to these!

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