CLIMAX BLUES – debut and finale

It was a year ago that the CLIMAX BLUES BAND’s founder guitarist, Pete Haycock, passed away. By that time, though, the veteran had wrapped up the work on his old group’s latest incarnation, as opposed to their current line-up that features no original member. Simply called CLIMAX BLUES, Haycock’s venture was empowered by a second lead guitarist, Robin George who, before that, had his older colleague play on his "LovePower And Peace" project. The result of this collaboration, titled “Broke Heart Blues,” was out on the first anniversary of Pete’s death.

True to its genre, it’s a blues album – just count how many pieces on offer contain the “b” word – and, among those who plays on it, is another “LovePower And Peace” participant, KING CRIMSON’s own Mel Collins on sax. Read the review.

CLIMAX BLUES - Broke Heart Blues

Broke Heart Blues

1. Blue Monday
2. Cruel
3. Gossip Is Gold
4. Miss You So
5. The Rubicon
6. Gotta Get It Right
7. Bluesong
8. Broke Heart Blues
9. Miracle
10. Lonely Avenue
11. I Feel So Blue
12. You Ain’t Got The Right
13. Bluesong – acoustic version

November 11, 2014

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