Clint Bahr Gathers Friends For A Solo Debut

Bass virtuoso Clint Bahr may not be the most prolific artist in the world – it’s been nigh on two decades since his band TRIPOD released their sole album, although he never left the picture entirely, pitching in on Colin Carter’s "One" and helping prepare the “Claiming Peter Banks” film. But now, finally, the American veteran steps out on his own, too, having laid down an album under his own name, with quite a few famous friends onboard, featuring, among others, the aforementioned FLASH players as well as their drumming colleague Mike Hough, violist David Cross and wind maestro David Jackson. Titled “Puzzlebox” and picked up by MoonJune Records, the platter should be out in March.

Says Clint, “I decided to do a ‘solo’ album with some old friends from the UK and USA. They include former members of KING CRIMSON, Anthony Braxton, TELEVISION, VAN DER GRAAF GENERATOR, Sun Ra, ANDROMEDA, Gloria Gaynor, YES, TRIPOD etcetera. More so, PUZZLEBOX is a future recording/touring band of interchanging players from around the world with a core bass and drums section.”

There are dozen cuts on the album, which looks like this (read the review):


1. Tabula Rasa 1
2. New Design
3. Plate (Improv)
4. Shelter
5. As Tympani Melt In The Greek Heat (Improv)
6. Fall From Grace
7. Belt & Braces
8. Triangles, Circles & Squares
9. Oslo
10. Kicking The Wasp’s Nest
11. Lifeguard In The Rain
12. Tabula Rasa 2

January 16, 2022

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