Clive Nolan Sets New Stage Goals

Clive Nolan as Professor KingRecent health problems didn’t hinder Clive Nolan‘s creativity. Having ARENA live DVD in the pipeline and dates with PENDRAGON coming up, the composer continues to write and already plans on picking up where the live realization of his “Alchemy” musical left off. This year Clive wants to deliver not one but two new concepts, which he calls “a mammoth undertaking” but is determined to bring to fruition. One of those will be a continuation of "Alchemy" and the other a different kind of endeavor.

Tentatively titled “Dark Fables,” it’s going to be a guest-studded rock show with Nolan’s music of the last 25 years as a foundation, while “King’s Ransom” will find its author as Professor King on a gloomy adventure in the bowels of London. Most of the material is ready by now, although the hard media and staging of it all should occur in 2017.

January 14, 2016

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