Colin Carter Of FLASH Fame Offers Sophomore Solo Effort

It’s been five years since former FLASH warbler Colin Carter unexpectedly for his erstwhile listeners decided to deliver a solo album, the veteran’s debut under his own name – and now "One" proves to be not a one-off event, as CC, who recently struck a deal with Melodic Revolution Records, is ready with a new offering.

Tracks In Space

Titled “Tracks In Space” and scheduled to be out on October 6th, this album sees the singer return, to an extent, to the cosmic rock that the stellar band he once fronted used to perform. Unlike its predecessor which would better describe Colin’s method here, the platter features only him playing most instruments, with special guest George Keller providing additional guitar lines for Carter to weave his voice around. Read the review.

1. Running Through The Smoke
2. Love On The Move
3. Sea Of Dreams
4. Night Vision #2
5. Back To Life

August 30, 2023

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