COLOSSEUM: A Follow-Up To “Live” To See The Light Of Day

Almost half a century after its release, “Live” remains the best entry in the COLOSSEUM catalogue, having captured the British ensemble at the height of their flight. This album has seen a few digitized appearances over the years, an expanded reissue on Esoteric being probably most impressive, yet the demand for the band’s recording hasn’t diminished so, in addition to the concert bootleg series announced earlier, Repertoire Records is to offer an alternative version of that classic. The double-disc “Live ’71” – first on CD and, in August, on vinyl – will feature the sextet’s Canterbury University set in its entirety on one disc and basically replicate the previous reissue’s bonus disc on the other, with the exception of “Stormy Monday Blues” which was laid down in Manchester, not Bristol.

Live ’71

Even though fans hardly need half of this material, the rest looks essential. All in all, it should look like this:

CD 1:
Canterbury University, Kent – February 12th, 1971:
1. Tanglewood ’63
2. Rope Ladder To The Moon
3. Walking In The Park
3. Skellington
4. The Machine Demands A Sacrifice
5. Lost Angeles

CD 2:
The Big Apple, Brighton – March 27th, 1971:
1. Rope Ladder To The Moon
2. Skellington
Manchester University – March 13th, 1971:
3. I Can’t Live Without You / The Time Machine / The Machine Demands A Sacrifice
Manchester University – March 18th, 1971:
4. The Valentyne Suite:
   * January’s Search<
   * February’s Valentyne
   * The Grass Is Always Greener
Manchester University – March 13th, 1971:
5. Stormy Monday Blues

June 6, 2020

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