COLOSSEUM Classic Concert Set To Be Expanded

45 years after its recording, “Colosseum Live” by COLOSSEUM remains one of the most fantastic concert documents of rock era – if “rock” can encompass what this musicians were capable of. There was something unique about the combination of Chris Farlowe’s bellowing voice, Clem Clempson‘s exquisite guitar lines, Dave Greenslade’s classically informed keyboards and vibes, Mark Clarke‘s gripping bass and Dick Heckstall-Smith‘s soaring and swelling saxes, all led by the dramatic drums of Jon Hiseman, that still keeps the listener riveted to their seats. Yet the album, taped in March 1971 at Manchester University and in “The Big Apple” in Brighton, didn’t represent the ensemble’s entire performance; that’s why the record’s reissue on Esoteric, scheduled for July 29th, is most welcome.

Without putting additional material in the context of the show, the 2CD edition expands it by presenting alternative versions of some numbers and including those that didn’t make the cut originally due to vinyl constraints. There’s finally “The Valentyne Suite” in all its stage glory and more precious moments. (Read the review.]

COLOSSEUM - Colosseum Live

Colosseum Live

Disc One –
“Colosseum Live” Remastered:

1. Rope Ladder To The Moon
2. Walking In The Park
3. Skellington
4. I Can’t Live Without You
5. Tanglewood ’63
6. Encore… Stormy Monday Blues
7. Lost Angeles

Disc Two – 
Bonus Tracks:

Recorded At The Big Apple, Brighton, 1971
1. Rope Ladder To The Moon
2. Skellington

Recorded At Manchester University, March 1971
3. I Can’t Live Without You / Time Machine / The Machine Demands A Sacrifice

Recorded In Bristol, 1971
4. Stormy Monday Blues

Recorded At Manchester University, March 1971
5. The Valentyne Suite:
I. January’s Search
Ii. Theme Two – February’s Valentyne
Iii. Theme Three – The Grass Is Greener

May 19, 2016

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