Commander Cody Passed Away

Uncompromising and never suffering fools gladly, George Frayne had all the rights to be called Commander Cody, after a sci-fi character, but first of all he was an authoritative piano player and the leader of HIS LOST PLANET AIRMEN – a pioneering country rock collective who ruled the waves in the late ’60s and early ’70s with the likes of “Hot Rod Lincoln” where Frayne’s boogie-woogie expertise shone ever so brightly before breaking up and allowing George to fly solo from 1977 onwards.

On-stage, the American artist – artist in many aspects, as Frayne proved to be a top-notch painter as well as pianist and singer – was amazing, as documented on such albums as "Live From Ebbets Field" and he played almost to the very end, which, unexpectedly, came too early. Today, after a short illness, the Commander passed away, aged 77. Opinionated, as our message exchanges suggested, George will be sorely missed.

September 26, 2021

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