CRACK THE SKY Unplug Their Prog In The Wood

It’s been about fifty years since the seeds of CRACK THE SKY were sown, and what’s the best way to celebrate the anniversary if not attempting to do something this prog ensemble didn’t try before – although all the signs of their ability to do it seemed hard to miss on the band’s classic albums. The feat in question is turning acoustic on the Americans’ studio platter number 20.

Prepared for release under the title of “From The Wood” on June 9th, the record was written by founding fathers John Palumbo and Rick Witkowski, and longtime member Bobby Hird during the recent pandemic – hence songs like “Fun In Isolation” and “My New World” – to be played on an unplugged variety of instruments, including dobro, mandolin, ukulele, banjo and accordion. Some of it has already been aired on-stage – but now there’s more.

From The Wood

1. I Get High
2. Lady In The Lake
3. My New World
4. Fun In Isolation
5. Don’t Close Your Eyes
6. Outside Of Me
7. Heart Of The Lion
8. USLCK2310006 (Going Downtown)
9. Don’t Feed The Tigers
10. The Circle Of Life
bonus tracks – remixes:
11. Don’t Close Your Eyes
12. Fun In Isolation

April 13, 2023

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