Craig Gruber passes away

Craig GruberIt was three months ago that we asked people to take part in fundraising campaign to save the life of Craig Gruber, a former bass player with ELF, RAINBOW, Gary Moore and, shortly, BLACK SABBATH, among others. Too late now, as went the song he played on: on May 5th, after a battle with cancer, Craig passed away. But he’ll always be remembered for those gentle, if muscular, lines on the likes of “Trying To Burn The Sun” and “Catch The Rainbow” and for his delicate personality.

Says Gruber’s colleague in Moore’s band, Neil Carter:

“Craig was a lovely man and had a great sense of humor. He was a solid player and I enjoyed having him in the band. Gary liked him also but I think had always wanted Bob Daisley to join, so that happened after a year or so. The video evidence shows how well he fitted in as a player. I find it very sad that all the members of that band – Gary, Bobby Chouinard and Craig – are no longer with is. Such is the way of things I suppose.”

May 6, 2015

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