CURE FOR GRAVITY – Cure For Gravity

Cure For Gravity 2016

CURE FOR GRAVITY - Cure For Gravity

Cure For Gravity

Aloof, if alluring, defiance of physical laws from Californian trio who are set to heal the world.

If falling down is an disease, someone had to come up with a medicine for it, but while obvious convalescence would involve dream-like progress, this band add a secret ingredient to their atmospheric passages to make their debut special. A surf-rock twang of Dave Walcott’s guitar may come to the surface only a couple of times – most notably on “Push” and “Sunspots” – yet that’s exactly the ripple which is needed to create a movement of larger sound strata. Although pieces such as “Tonight” are appropriately hazy, Joe Markert’s new-romantic vocals notwithstanding, sparse instrumental focus cuts through what seem to be abstract pictures.

More so, the electronica-tinctured “Just Like Candy” bares unexpected, slightly funky sweetness in its ripped riffs and falsetto fringe which welcome fine rock ‘n’ rolling, whereas the ease and breeze of “BlackMetal” contradict the cut’s title with some panache. That’s the reason why the glacial, at first glance, songs turn out to be soul-warming, And then there’s “Killing For The Queen” to hint at a wider vista the group, whose rhythms are driven by Chris Gamper’s drums, can display further on down the road if they remain anchored to Earth. They’d better do.


January 16, 2017

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