CURVED AIR Flesh Out Their “Phantasmagoria”

This January saw the release, on Esoteric Recordings, of two classic CURVED AIR albums – an expanded edition of their 1970 debut “Air Conditioning” and 1974’s “Air Cut” that was properly remastered but didn’t feature any extra material. Continuing the band’s reissue programme, the label has 1972’s gem “Phantasmagoria” scheduled to hit the shelves on July 27th. This time, there’s not only a few bonus tracks added to the audio disc – including a single cut that appears on CD for the first time, and two songs with non-English lyrics – but also a DVD with the quintet’s TV performances from Europe. In one word, essential.

The full tracklist looks like this:

CURVED AIR - Phantasmagoria


1. Marie Antoinette
2. Melinda (More Or Less)
3. Not Quite The Same
4. Cheetah
5. Ultra-Vivaldi
6. Phantasmagoria
7. Whose Shoulder Are You Looking Over Anyway?
8. Over And Above
9. Once A Ghost, Always A Ghost
bonus tracks:
10. Sarah’s Concern (single)
11. Marie Anoinette (with French lyrics )
12. Melinda (with Italian lyrics – previously unreleased)

“Pop Shop” – RTBF Television, Belgium – April 1972:
1. Marie Anoinette
2. Propositions
3. Melinda (More Or Less)
4. Vivaldi
“Spotlight” – ORF TV, Austria – October 1972:
1. Melinda (More Or Less)
2. Phantasmagoria
3. Ultra Vivaldi

May 20, 2018

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