CURVED AIR light “North Star” on a new album

It was on 1976’s “Airborne” that CURVED AIR last released a set of new songs; everything that followed have been either previously unreleased recordings or concert tapes, the latest being 2012’s brilliant "Live Atmosphere": it featured two original members – singer Sonja Kristina and drummer Florian Pilkington-Miksa – violinist Darryl Way, who was with them at the time of the band’s reunion and our 2008’s interview, left the fold and, since then, put out "Ultra Violins" – and younger instrumentalists. And it’s this line-up, augmented by Kirby Gregory, guitarist on CURVED AIR’s “Air Cut” from 1973, that have just issued “North Star.”

Comprised of new songs, covers – including THE BEATLES’ “Across The Universe” and “Spirits In The Material World” by THE POLICE, a band co-founded by another CURVED AIR alumnus Stewart Copeland – and new versions of songs like “Young Mother” off AIR’s “Second Album” and “Colder Than A Rose In Snow” which was first released on Sonja’s self-titled solo debut. A mixed bag, then, but given a unified front; read the review here.

CURVED AIR - North Star

North Star

1. Stay Human 
2. Time Games
3. Puppets
4. Images And Signs
5. Interplay
6. Spider
7. Magnetism
8. Colder Than A Rose In Snow
9. Spirits In The Material World
10. Old Town News
11. Situations
12. Chasing Cars
13. Young Mother
14. Across The Universe

March 28, 2014

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