CURVED AIR To Expand “Second Album”

There wasn’t a lot if imagination in the title of CURVED AIR‘s sophomore record, out in 1971, which can’t be said about the music it contains, particularly “Back Street Love” that would become one of the staples in the band’s repertoire and one of fans’ favorites. The LP as a whole tends to be overlooked, though, but this pattern may change after August 24th, when “Second Album” will be released anew as part of the ensemble’s reissue programme on Esoteric Recordings. Remastered by their guitarist and keyboard player Francis Monkman, it’s also expanded to include a few bonus tracks preserved for BBC One and a collection of the art-rockers television appearances on the DVD. A worthy addition to any collection.

CURVED AIR - Second Album

Second Album

Here’s how the reissue will look in its entirety:

1. Young Mother
2. Back Street Luv
3. Jumbo
4. You Know
5. Puppets
6. Everdance
7. Bright Summer’s Day ’68
8. Piece Of Mind
bonus tracks:
“Top Gear” – January 5th, 1971:
9. Young Mother In Style
“John Peel Sunday Concert” – March 4th, 1971 – previously unreleased:
10. It Happened Today
11. Blind Man
12. Propositions (incl. What Happens When You Blow Yourself Up)
13. Vivaldi

“Warner Brothers Present Curved Air” – previously unreleased 1971 promotional film:
1. It Happened Today
2. Vivaldi
3. Screw
“Pop Deux” – French TV – Taverne De L’Olympia, Paris – July 6th, 1971:
4. Back Street Luv
5. Propositions
6. Interview
7. Vivaldi
“Beat Club” – March 1971:
8. It Happened Today
9. Propositions
10. Vivaldi
“Beat Club” –September 1971:
11. Back Street Luv
12. Piece Of Mind
13. Back Street Luv (version 2)

June 16, 2018

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