CURVED AIR Uncover Vintage Tapes For Release

The fact that Esoteric Recordings started a proper reissue of CURVED AIR classic catalogue doesn’t mean Cherry Red stopped working on the band’s archive to offer something special every two years. While its first volume was an hour-long montage of improvisations on “Propositions” and the second bound together a couple of jam sessions, their follow-up, titled “The Second British Rock Meeting 1972” and scheduled for October 5th release, can become a perfect companion piece to the recently issued “Phantasmagoria” (detailed here and not available for review). It’s a live document preserved in good quality soon after that album had seen the light of day, featuring both well-known and deep cuts and climaxing with a jam and a take on “Vivaldi” which span over 30 minutes.

CURVED AIR - The Second British Rock Meeting 1972

The Second British Rock Meeting 1972

Given the group’s “Live” LP wasn’t released until 1974, this a unique proposition whose tracklist runs like this (read the review):

1. No-Guitar Blues
2. Everdance / Cheetah / Vivaldi
3. Phantasmagoria
4. Melinda (More Or Less)
5. Over And Above
6. The Germersheim Jam / Vivaldi (Reprise)

August 20, 2018

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