Dan McCafferty Memorial Album To Be Released

Even though he was retired at that time, Dan McCafferty‘s passing on November 8, 2022 at the age of 76 felt like a harsh blow not only to the followers of Scottish finest heavy band, NAZARETH, but for the myriads of those who knew the warbler by his immortal rendition of “Love Hurts” or by his influence on the likes of Bon Scott and Axl Rose. Which is why a bunch of rarities from the singer’s private home archives stored on a forthcoming album bearing the legend of “In Memory Of” will be most welcome. And weird, too.

A platter titled “No Turning Back” that’s to be issued on December 8th on CD and golden vinyl features a few previously unreleased gems from various periods of Dan’s career. Thus, the title track and “Occident” hark back to the late ’90s when McCafferty worked with Christoph Busse, and “Children’s Eyes” was his collaboration with another German composer and producer, Detlef Wiedeke, while 1993’s bagpipes-adorned “Going Home” that’s based on Dvorák’s “Largo” saw the release on the multi-artist project “Seasons” wherein the vocalist delivered no less than three pieces, so one may wonder about the reason for choosing only this particular number.

No Turning Back

However, whether three cuts plucked out of Dan’s solo offering “Into The Ring” from 1997 can be considered rarities is a moot point, despite the record being out-of-print. And two covers of NAZ ballads by McCafferty’s soundalike Panos Kalifis are hardly belong on the disc at all. Still, the collection looks interesting.

1. Children’s Eyes (previously unreleased)
2. Into The Ring
3. Starry Eyes
4. Sunny Island
5. Occident (previously unreleased)
6. No Turning Back (previously unreleased)
7. Going Home
8. Love Hurts (sung by Panos Kalifis)
9. Dream On (sung by Panos Kalifis)

October 17, 2023

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