Darrell Bath Has Left The Building

DARRELL BATH - Roll UpDarrell Bath could have been a missing link between classic rock royalty and new punk rebellion – only the English guitarist, who passed away today, has never been actually missing. While many a listener knew the veteran from his stint with Ian Hunter – Bath wrote a few remarkable songs for the warbler, too – noise aficionados must recognize Darrell’s name from his shifts with THE VIBRATORS and U.K. SUBS, and hard rock fans will remember the axeman from THE DOGS D’AMOUR. Of course, there also were THE CRYBABYS which Bath formed with Honest John Plain, so he was no stranger to pop melodicism – something that would crop up on Darrell’s solo albums such as the brilliant "Roll Up" from 2015.

Only a fortnight ago the guitarist was very much excited about VENTRILOQUISM, his new project with THE VIBRATORS’ Eddie Edwards, gearing up for the recording of an EP – yet it will not happen now that he’s gone. Now, Darrell Bath is to be truly missed.

September 28, 2021

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