Darrell Bath Rolls Up A New Album

Punk and blues have never lied far from each other; in fact, punk often was a frenetic and dirty take on blues. The case of Brit Darrell Bath might be a good example of that, as this guitarist could easily shift between THE VIBRATORS, UK SUBS and Ian Hunter’s band (replacing Mick Ronson there), with inroads into glam when DOGS D’AMOUR or QUIREBOYS’ Spike came calling, alhough the latest project was blues-based. On a solo front, Bath first released an album under his own name in 2000, and now is putting out a new one, “Roll Up,” helped by his CRYBABYS colleague Robbie Rushton on drums and Chris McDougall on bass, so there’s a tight trio work on there.


Roll Up

Tasty licks abound, the record runs like this (read the review):

1. Dancin’ With The Devil’s Goombah
2. It’s In The Music
3. Dirty Rocky Road
4. Slimline Jim
5. Clingin’ On
6. Eye For An Eye
7. Muppets
8. Rat Palace
9. Man/Monkey

December 11, 2015

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