Darryl Way explores cosmogony

It’s an almost unprecedented burst of creativity on the CURVED AIR‘s founding father’s part. In the last decades Darryl Way‘s work rate hasn’t been high, yet now he follows up last year’s "Ultra Violins" with a new release. Out now, “Children Of The Cosmos” is different from its predecessor, though, as it’s a prog rock album which shows the veteran’s still smitten with the genre and still not averse to coming up with a song rather than classical composition. Of course, these influences are there – not surprising for a former Royal College of Music student – but while Darryl openly states that “Don’t Look Back” quotes Johann Pachelbel, he leaves its unsaid that the record’s closer, “Sergey,” is based on Prokofiev’s “Peter And The Wolf.” So it’s a puzzle after all, one waiting to be delved into.

The review of “Children Of The Cosmos” is here, and there’s a tracklist and a video to be explored.

DARRYL WAY - Children Of The Cosmos

Children Of The Cosmos

1. Children Of The Cosmos
2. Spooks
3. The Best Of Times
4. Nature’s Way
5. Summer Of Love
6. Don’t Look Back (feat. Pachelbel’s Canon)
7. Fire With Fire (feat. Rosie)
8. Lagan Love
9. A Winter’s Tale
10. A Modern Tale
11. An American Tale
12. Sergey


June 9, 2014

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