Dave Cousins To Issue A Solo Live Record

Looks like STRAWBS’ Dave Cousins, whose health was a concern for many as of late, is all right now – at least, the band’s touring schedule and their planned appearance at WakemanFest suggest so – but while the group’s new album hasn’t entered the picture yet, there’s “Moving Pictures,” a concert recording from Dave himself. It documents Cousins’ performance in Kent, Ohio, March 15th, 2008, where the veteran played – alone, with a guitar for a company – a selection of both ensemble and solo, taken from 1972’s “Two Weeks Last Summer,” classics.

Soon to be made available for pre-order from StrawbsWeb, the album contains following tracks, songs being marked in bold and stories (some of them also told in "Exorcising Ghosts"), in regular font.

DAVE COUSINS - Moving Pictures

Moving Pictures

1. The Gallery
2. Hanging In The Gallery
3. The Sad Little Girl
4. Song Of A Sad Little Girl
5. The Troubadour
6. Ringing Down The Years
7. The Shepherd
8. The Shepherd’s Song
9. Saving Grace
10. Grace Darling
11. Ways And Means
12. Action Station
13. The Call To Action
14. Feeling Blue
15. Blue Angel
16. New Mexico
17. Beside The Rio Grande
18. Farewell
19. We’ll Meet Again Sometime

August 24, 2015

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